$629.99 $469.99

Car bed NO, Jeep Bed.. Cooler but No.. TRAIN BED YES.. 

This is going to get overly punny, but what better track to a awesome nights sleep in this new TRAIN BED. First Stop DREAMLAND. Your kids will love to enjoy the imagination aspect as well as just the cool factor of sleeping in a train bed. This is all metal and very durable ( minus the plastic parts that are non load barring and for decro) This train is AWESOME. If you cant find what you want in a regular bed I suggest you CHOO CHOOO CHOOOSE this one. :) 

This is special order only, If the company has it in stock averages about a week or two for delivery. This is NON SHIP-ABLE but we do have pickup, and delivery (within our delivery area of 100 miles) Available. There will be a $25 dollar assembly fee if you want this prebuilt if not its not to hard to put together and def a lot easier to move around. Buy this amazing bed today.